1. How to clean the bikini?

Use wet wipes to clean tan from the inside of your bikini. You can soak in luke warm water for 5 minutes and air dry it. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Do not wash in machine, do not tumble dry. 

2. How to store my bikini?

Store your bikini in plastic secure box provided by Sparkle Bikini with your suit.

3. What if crystals pop off the bikini?

It is completely normal that few crystals pay pop off. Along the bikini we send few crystals in case this happens. Please use tiny amount of fabric glue or superglue and place crystal on the fabric. Allow 12 hours to dry. 

4. Is the bikini on warranty?

Yes, you have 12 months full warranty on your bikini. While sending it back, we will only ask you to cover cost of postage. You can also visit us in our HQ.

5. What if I receive my bikini and it needs to be adjusted?

During first 5 days any adjustments are free of charge (plus postage fee). After first 5 days there is a set charge of £30 (plus postage fee). The fee covers adjusting bottoms, changing length of bra connectors plus the costs of postage and packaging. Sparkle Bikini does not account for body changes.

6. Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Depending on the country it may take from 2 to 7 business days for your bikini to arrive.

7. How long does it take to receive my bikini once I have ordered it?

Our turnaround time is 1 month to dispatch custom made bikini to you. Also, we have an option of speedy delivery - it takes 14 calendar days and it costs additional £50 (excluding postage). We recommend to order your bikini at least 6 weeks before your competition.

8. What is your return policy?

Sparkle Bikini do not issue refunds. Your purchase is final. We are providing a swap policy. If you are not happy with your bikini you may swap for any bikini hold in stock (similar value bikini+/- 50 £ value). Orders are non-returnable, non-exchangeable.

9. How much is postage?

We send bikinis by Royal Mail, postage fee within UK is £3.99 and outside UK it is £7.99. For international shipping we also offer express postage with DHL and it costs £13.99.

10. What kind of crystals do you use to create bikini?

We use 3 types of crystals:

High quality rhinstones
To ensure full covarge and keeping cost down. We are now offering using high quality rhinstones to cover your suit. This means more coverage for less. 

Swarovski crystals
Recommended for International Shows, Finals. We're using only the best quality of crystals. 

Mix 50/50 
Mix of Swarovski crystals with rhinestones for extra sparkle. This is option is very popular for all types of shows.

11. Can you copy a bikini I like from other company?

Basically, no. We create unique bikinis and each piece varies one from another as it's custom made. However, we do take your suggestions and preferences into account. That's why we'll do everything to meet your requirements and create a suit basing on some other project if you wish, though in our style without copying.


We are aware that buying a bikini, especially the first one, may be an uneasy decision. One time you feel simple pink will be your choice, other time though you want a glamorous velvet navy. Yes, we know, it is a tough one ;) That is why we want to accomodate and meet Your expectations via our buy and rental service. 


All bikinis have prices and sizes in descriptions, please take a look, decide what would fit you the best and let us know your choice. Please choose according to your actual sizes as no alteration is included into the rental service.


We have a collection of ready to quick ship bikinis that have set prices, given in descriptions on our Instagram profile. If you however want to rent we have a set fee for the suits to rent - it is £100 (for 7 days) and this can be paid here online. Those are given in descriptions next to the photo on our Instagram page.
You would need to provide your CC details with CCV number and Expiry Date - it's only for security reasons - and also Your address. 

Rental covers 7 days, for example Monday - Monday, and if you miss the day of return you'll be charged for another 7 days of rental. Bikinis for rent are  returnable if don't fit, if you have been returned in the same condition as they have been sent out.  

Cleaning fee included

Cleaning fee is included into the price. However, if any damage is made it will be assessed and charged from your cc accordingly.