• Booty Builder Mini Bands 4-pack

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    BootyBuilder has one simple goal, we help you build the perfect set of glutes. Using the BootyBuilder Mini Bands, even the strongest people will get a good workout.

    In this package you get 4 bands in different colors: yellow, pink, purple and green. Each color has a different strength level. This insures you a full workout for both lower and upper body.

    Booty Builder mini bands are perfect for training at home, on vacation or at the gym.

    Use the BootyBuilder Mini Bands around your knees when doing hip thrusts and squats, or use them in your own exercises to strengthen different muscles in your body.

    The mini bands are marked with resistance levels + kg load. They come in an exclusive bag for easier storage and protect the bands from sunlight.

    Length: 31 cm